Peer Marking and own Reflection

marked blog   Peer_Criteria_Blog (1)

After reflecting on the peer marking and feedback, I feel that both the marks and feedback that I received were fair and justified. The work that I presented in my blogs was not the finished product, on the day of peer marking I had a handwritten teaching episode but unfortunately it wasn`t presented in my blog and as I only reviewed my blogs in draft form on wordpress prior to peer reflection it was difficult to see and find any spelling or grammar mistakes.

After looking through all of my blogs I was able to identify lots of spelling mistakes and edit them, I also looked at incorporating some of the technology resources that we have used in the classroom and showed ways in which these resources could be used by myself in a classroom setting. I also looked at the links and the photographs used within my blogs to ensure that they reflected on the information/reflections within the blogs that I provided.

Lastly I looked at how the information in the blogs was presented and thought about what I had put in them from another persons point of view. I feel that anyone that views them will understand each topic, through the images and links provided will further build on understandings and hopefully raise questions and encourage engagement and awareness from audience.




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