Participation and the digital divide

solar powered internet cafe

solar powered internet cafe

Global Digital Divide

Global Digital Divide

Digital Divide

Digital Divide

 Here is an article about low socioeconomics

Today  we are still experiencing a digital divide,  this is not just happening in poorer countries but everyday in well developed countries around the world such as Australia. The divide is being created through low socioeconomics with many families not being able to afford what is described by some as a luxury. This means that some children are not having the same opportunities as others and schools are being asked to “bridge the gap!”. High expectations have been placed on the schooling system ranging from the  parents, future employers, the teachers delivering education programmes, wider community and government who expect schools to produce students fluent technologically and be able to use and adapt digital and emerging technologies. Students themselves expect digital technology to play a major part in their school life. As an educator this means using technology to enhance learning and carefully selecting learning programmes to enhance lessons, however the use of digital technology can only be effective in  a learning environment when teachers know how to use it correctly, unfortunately many do not! Thus still creating a divide.



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