Digital Information

How to check for reliability

It is important to know that the internet is the prime weekly source for accessing information, however how do we determine if the reliability of the information we find is true?  Information that we acquire is no longer limited to books or single messages, multiple message appear that are hyperlinked have video and /or audio. The set up of false sites are very realistic and are difficult for an adult to determine if the information provided is true or not never mind a child. Therefore we have to remember that when using the internet that there are lots of unreliable sources of information out there. In classrooms it is the responsiblity of the teacher to  find safe and secure sites for children to access and The need to question reliability of findings on the internet.  When using the internet ensure that you have security software, when online shopping only buy from sites with padlock.

Please click to find some unreliable sites:

I myself only a few weeks ago engaged in accessing an unreliable site, I clicked on a link that a friend of mine shared, whom I know personally had put on facebook about accessing old school photographs fortunately the end result made me laugh but this may not always be the case.

Click to access this site

During my workshop today I learned how to use pinterest, this is a great way to incorporate individual childrens ideas about one subject in the class, children can present their own work and then the class could work collaboratively to make a class board.

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