Importance of life long learning in the digital age


lifelong learning

lifelong learning

Through digital technology we are contributing to a world of lifelong learners, effective learning in school that is rich in digital technologies will ensure learning longer through life (Howell, 2012). No longer does learning stop when we leave school or university, instead we are being equipped with the skills needed for the careers of today and given the tools to apply them to life. Through the use of digital technology and easy access to the internet we can continue to learn and improve  our existing skills, we can find the information we require at the touch of a button and the list of information we find is endless, we make choices on the types of information we need based on what we are looking for, however sites such as youtube allow us to watch video`s giving us the confidence to problem solve on our own.  In today`s society if we here someone say ” I don`t know how to do that” the usual response is “google it”! No longer do we have to call professionals to come into our homes to fix things, we just type the question into a search bar and almost instantly answers to our questions appear!. As an educator it is my repsonsibility to provide students with the tools to enable them to succeed in life, this can be done through varied learning experiences and technologies. The role of the educator is to keep up to date with current teaching practises and reflect on own teaching style.




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