Digital Blurring

Game based learning,  click here to see the benefits. Gaming is something that happens each and everyday not only at school but also at home, as an educator we should be developing the skills of each student to ensure that what they are learning in the classroom can be taken and used outside. This can be done by using a range of technologies and software and providing children opportunities to explore and apply new or prior knowledge to different situations. Teachers can use interactive whiteboards, pc and even ipads to play games that challenge and engage students, games such as Sploder could be developed by an individual or the whole class, the game will challenge students by encouraging them to make decisions and problem solve, it will also develop fine motor skills such as hand and eye co-ordination and improve memory.  The game will allow for success and enable player to progress onto next stage or level, building childs confidence and ability to take risks.
Another way to encourage digital blurring in the classroom is to create Digital portfolios, this can be used to collect and display students learning and can also be used as a reflective tool for student to look back on. This portfolio would be something that could be used throughout a students schooling and would incorporate collective pieces that student may use when going for job interviews and into the workforce.


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