Teaching Episode


TEaching with ITC


Teaching Episode – Template

Year: 5


Lesson: Literacy Trough ICT



TV  or Interactive Whiteboard


Topic: Persuasive Texts


  1. Watch Behind the news-(Sports Drinks)
  2. Think- (own thoughts on topic)for 30 seconds

Pair-( share thoughts) with peer for 1 minute

Share-ideas back to class

  1. Introduce program Group Map

Explain-how the program works and what you want students to do

Expectation-tell students that I want 3 pros and 3 cons to support their thoughts

Time-set time for how long students have to complete pros and cons

  1. Teacher to circulate the classroom observing students engaged in activity and support learning
  2. Conclusion- bring all students back to the mat and display Group Map with everyone`s ideas
  3. Discussions- ask students why they choose these pros and cons
  4. Debate-choose a -side, encourage children to stand on mat, either for or against, encourage children to express their reasons and try to change their peers minds.
Evaluation: In evaluating the teaching episode I would be looking at the use of the program if it was used as I had planned. I would be reflecting on my implementation of the program, if my instructions are expectations were clear. I would also be evaluating if the children were able to pick sides.

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